Sánchez Champions $10 million for Youth Violence Prevention

Sánchez Champions $10 million for Youth Violence Prevention

House passes additional funding targeted at programs reducing violence among youth

BOSTON—Representative Jeffrey Sánchez and his colleagues in the House of Representatives voted to provide youth violence prevention programs additional funding for the remaining 2011 fiscal year. The House Supplemental Budget requires the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to administer $10 million in grants for programs targeted at reducing youth violence among young individuals at highest risk of being perpetrators or victims of gun violence. Additionally, the House budget provides funds to municipalities with the highest number of youth homicides and serious assaults.

“Youth violence prevention grants are the economic drivers of our community and build future leaders,” said Sánchez. “It is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure that our communities are safe and that our youth have the opportunity to succeed.”

Sánchez will continue his longstanding support of violence prevention programs and strategies as the Senate debates the Fiscal Year 2011 Supplemental Budget.


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