Chairman Jeffrey Sánchez serves as Massachusetts State Representative for the 15th Suffolk/Norfolk District, which includes the Boston communities of Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, and Roslindale, along with Precinct 5 of the Town of Brookline, MA.

In February 2009, he was appointed the House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Health. His work is centered on finding the nexus of Public Health and Health reform particularly for underserved communities by improving quality and access through systemic reforms. Jeffrey currently serves on the Commonwealth’s Health Disparities Council, the National Conference of State Legislatures Health Reform and Medicaid Task Force, the MA Health Policy Forum and as Treasurer of the National Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs.

He served as Co-Chairman on the House/Senate Conference Committee resolving the “Act Relative to Pharmacy Practice in The Commonwealth” which establishes the regulatory framework for the Compounding Pharmacy industry. This legislation won unanimous passage within the House of Representatives and Senate in 2014, and was signed into law by Governor Patrick in July 2014.
In addition to his committee duties and responsibilities, Chairman Sánchez’s overall legislative agenda emphasizes initiatives that address access and retention in education, public infrastructure development, workforce development, public health and affordable housing.

Prior to his appointment to the Committee on Public Health, Chairman Sánchez served as the Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development where he helped usher through the Commonwealth’s life sciences commitment. He also sponsored and promoted an Act Relative to Biomedical Research that clarifies the type of research permissible under state law in respect to neonates.
He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, a Masters of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and is a current fellow at the Center for Public Health Leadership at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Jeffrey Sánchez was raised in the Boston neighborhood of Mission Hill. Being from the area, he remains deeply involved with issues in these communities. Representative Sánchez supports and continues to work on legislation relating to health, safety, jobs, and community development. He and his wife Brenda now live in the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain while raising two young daughters, Luna Isabella and Amina Xochitl.