Rep. Sánchez Votes to Repeal License Suspension Law

Rep. Sánchez Votes to Repeal License Suspension Law

Representative Sánchez joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives today to vote in support of a bill repealing a 1989 law that automatically suspended the driver’s licenses for drug offenders whose crimes had nothing to do with operating a motor vehicle. This is just one more effort to remedy the policies of the ineffective war on drugs.

"Once an offender has served their time, they've paid their debt to society," Representative Sánchez said shortly after the bill passed unanimously in the House. "This repeal will eliminate yet another barrier for the some 7,000 people a year who are trying to get lives back"

For years the automatic suspension of driver's licenses hampered offenders' ability to re-enter into society, leading to a high recidivism rate. It often took years and $500 for the license to be reinstated. Not having a driver's license often prevented offenders from accessing the jobs and housing necessary to earn a living. This bill would repeal the policy in order to help offenders get back on their feet.

The bill now goes to conference committee so differences from the Senate version of the bill can be worked out.


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