House Urges Congress to Amend Constitution, Reform Campaign Finance

House Urges Congress to Amend Constitution, Reform Campaign Finance

House passes resolution calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment limiting private campaign contributions and super PAC spending

BOSTON— Representative Sánchez joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass a resolution calling on Congress to limit private campaign contributions and super PAC spending.

The resolution urges the members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation and the leaders of Congress to enact H.J. Resolution 58, which proposes amending the US Constitution to allow for reasonable limitation of campaign spending and public financing. The federal resolution is a response to the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision involving Citizen’s United, which has led to an unprecedented amount of money injected into campaigns.

“Democracy is founded on the premise that every community member has a say in policy,” said Sánchez shortly after session ended. “But since the Citizens United decision, we’ve seen a huge amount of money spent by a select few, and suddenly the opinions of our neighbors don’t matter anymore. That needs to change.”

The federal resolution would give Congress or the states the ability to impose reasonable content-neutral limitations on private campaign contributions or independent election expenditures. It would also allow public campaign financing, including those designed to restrict the influence of private wealth by offsetting campaign spending or independent expenditures with increased public funding.

In order for the Constitutional amendment to pass, it must be approved by three-fourths of the state legislatures, or three-fourths of the states must approve the amendment via ratifying conventions. This method has only been used once, to repeal Prohibition in 1933 (the 21st Amendment).

When asked about the amendment’s viability Sánchez replied, “It’s a good first step. The states face an uphill battle, but need to continue to put on pressure and fight for the voices that have been drowned out.”


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