House Passes Bill on Regulating Tanning Beds

House Passes Bill on Regulating Tanning Beds

House Passes Senate Bill 1994, An Act further regulating tanning facilities

BOSTON—The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday, which will ban anyone under 18 years old from using or operating an indoor tanning bed.

This bill, which has been filed in some form for the last decade, was reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, under the leadership of House Chairman Jeffrey Sánchez, last Friday. The House quickly took up and passed the bill Wednesday afternoon.

“Research overwhelmingly shows that indoor tanning significantly increases the risk of skin cancer,” Sánchez explains. “This legislation is an overdue move to limit our children’s exposure to a known carcinogenic product.”

Under the new legislation, anyone under 18 years old will be banned from using a tanning bed in a tanning salon. Furthermore, while minors under 18 years old can still work in a tanning salon, they will be banned from operating a tanning bed.

There are 11 other states, as well as the District of Columbia, that already ban the use of indoor tanning beds by minors. The FDA now requires all manufacturers include a warning on each tanning bed stating that minors under 18 years old should not use tanning devices.

Previously in Massachusetts, there was no minimum age limit on indoor tanning.  Minors only needed signed parental permission to go to a tanning salon, a provision difficult to enforce and inconsistently applied.

The bill will now move to the Governor’s desk for his signature.


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