House Passes Bill on Public Health Data Sharing

House Passes Bill on Public Health Data Sharing

House Passes Public Health Committee Chairman Sánchez’ House Bill 2070, An Act relative to public health data sharing with the Boston Public Health Commission.

BOSTON—The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday, which will improve the ability of the Boston Public Health Commission to monitor public health trends and react to emerging public health problems.

This legislation, sponsored by Representative Jeffrey Sánchez, requires the Department of Public Health to share public health data—including birth, death, infection, and hospitalization statistics—with the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). This data will be used by the BPHC to rapidly track the health problems that face the Commonwealth and more effectively adapt to the needs of the population.

“This legislation will allow us to conduct better research and analysis on public health issues in Boston,” Chairman Sánchez said. “It will ensure that we can provide better health care services for Boston residents in the long run.”

The legislation also enacts new safeguards to ensure that this data remains confidential, including de-identified medical information and strict adherence to confidentiality laws.
The bill will now move to the Senate for debate and further action.


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