House Approves $200 Million for Local Infrastructure Needs

House Approves $200 Million for Local Infrastructure Needs

BOSTON – Representative Jeffrey Sánchez joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass legislation that would provide greatly needed funding for municipalities to complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects. The House unanimously passed the bill, which authorizes a $200 million bond authorization for the state's Chapter 90 program, the main and sometimes only source of revenue for local road and bridge repair projects.

The bill was passed at a key time in order to avoid costly delays and a shortened construction season. State transportation officials must send communities letters by April 1 notifying them of Chapter 90 allotments. As a result, construction projects will be able to start sooner and bids will be less expensive.

“This revenue plays a crucial role in maintaining our transportation system,” said Representative Sánchez. “It is important for the Commonwealth to expend resources on road improvements. It will help rebuild our bridges and repave our roads after the winter, making it safer for the motorists and cyclists who rely on them daily.”

Chapter 90 funds are distributed to cities and towns for municipal-maintained roads. While it does not cover DCR Parkways like the Jamaicaway, Arborway, and Centre St., Representative Sánchez will continue to fight for funding for these critical thoroughfares. Meanwhile, this local aid will help chip away at the Commonwealth’s aging infrastructure.

“It is important that the state prioritize its infrastructure. Nearly 10% of bridges are deteriorating to some degree. Today’s vote demonstrates one step forward in providing crucial infrastructure improvements.”

The bill now moves to the Senate to be passed prior to the commencement of construction season.


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