Legislative Accomplishments

Representative Sánchez has a career in the Massachusetts General Court that dates back to 2003. In the time since he was first elected to represent the Fifteenth Suffolk/Norfolk District, the Representative a record of passing legislation that improves health outcomes, ensures people's right to access to healthcare coverage, and promotes economic development for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Representative Sánchez has been at the epicenter of health care cost containment and defining public health. Representative Sánchez helped to pass a landmark healthcare law that will reduce health care costs in the Commonwealth by $200 billion over the next 15 years (commonly referred to as Chapter 224). Representative Sánchez worked hard to make sure there were public health values in the new law. Access to primary care will be improved through his initiative to better use all primary care providers. He co-chaired the Special Commission on Provider Price Variation, a 23 member panel charged with addressing provider price variation and rising healthcare costs through increased transparency, strengthening market forces, and a potential role for the state.

Sánchez has also worked to pass new laws that: protect patients through modernized reporting of physician discipline, speed the organ donation process, increase routine screening for HIV, expand access to maternity care from nurse-midwives, and increase oversight for pharmacies engaged in compounding. Sánchez worked to ensure adult dental benefits were restored in MassHealth. He also played a key role in passing legislation that improved the nutrition of food served in school and increased access to medical immunizations.

In 2006 he passed legislation creating the Infrastructure Investment Incentive Program (also known as I-Cubed). The program facilitates partnership between the state, local government and private developers to encourage job growth and decrease local budgetary reliance on property taxes for infrastructure improvements. The I-Cubed program is credited for spurring development in Fenway, the Seaport, and Kendall Square. He also worked on An Act Providing for the Investment in and Expansion of the Life Sciences Industry in the Commonwealth, which nurtured the booming life sciences industry we now see across the Commonwealth, including the creation of the Massachusetts Life Science Center.

2017 proved to be a successful year for Representative Sánchez when his Language Opportunities for Our Kids bill was signed into law after 15 years of advocacy. The law modifies current English immersion laws to allow for more inclusive teaching methods for English language learners (ELL) in Massachusetts public schools. He played an active role in the House debate on criminal justice reform, pushing for a bill that ultimately eliminated mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses, created a process for expunging past criminal records, and investing in recidivism-reduction programs.

Governor Signs Sánchez Compounding Pharmacies BillGovernor Deval Patrick Congratulates Representative Jeffrey Sánchez after signing his compounding pharmacies bill

Representative Sánchez celebrates as his Language Opportunities for Our Kids bill is signed into law