Current Legislation

Sánchez speaking at opioid bill press conference


Representative Sánchez has sponsored several bills in the 190th Session of the Legislature (2017-2018).

Healthcare Legislation

An Act Relative to Lead Abatement (H1626)

Would allow municipalities to set their own rules for when they can order an inspection and require a homeowner to remove lead, while increasing tax credits for property owners to de-lead their homes and financial penalties for landlords who refuse to rent to families with young children.

An Act to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the Commonwealth (H622)

  • Health disparities exist between racial and ethnic groups, even when health insurance coverage is equal. This legislation would establish a permanent Office of Health Equity to address these disparities and coordinate the state’s various programs and initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and collaborate with state agencies to address the various factors that cause ethnic and racial health inequalities.

Modernizing Tobacco Control and Protecting the Health of Minors (H1217)

  • This legislation would ensure public health by regulating e-cigarettes, restrict the sale of these products to minors, ban product giveaways and free samples and prohibit their use on school property and in locations currently covered under the state Smoke-free Workplace Law.

An Act Preventing Unnecessary Medical Debt (H2222)

  • This legislation seeks to address medical debt, which has been identified as a major cause of financial distress and a prevalent barrier to health care access in Massachusetts, particularly for low-income consumers. Currently, almost a quarter of Massachusetts residents are unable to access care due to cost while 18% report trouble paying medical bills.  This legislation encourages manageable payment plans for patients.

District Legislation

An Act Relative to Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK) (H2058) - signed into law November 2017

  • Updates existing statute to encompass the latest in academic research and best practices in Massachusetts public schools serving English language learners recognizing the value of bilingualism and biliteracy as skills essential to improving career and college readiness, as well as competitiveness in the global economy

An Act Providing for Disposition of Surplus State Real Property Based on Smart Growth Land Use Policies (H1710)

  • Based on an MAPC report, this bill would expedite the disposition of surplus state-owned land in order to build affordable housing and smart growth development

Vacancies in Foreclosed Homes (H956)

  • Aimed at protecting families facing foreclosure, this bill would ensure stability in the foreclosure by process by allowing homeowners and their families to remain in their homes and pay rent after foreclosures

Co-Sponsored Legislation

In addition to filing legislation, Representative Sánchez has signed on as a co-sponosor to a number of bills.

Pregnant Workers' Protection (H1038) - signed into law July 2017

  • The proposed legislation closes gaps in existing law by clarifying what constitutes a reasonable accommodation for pregnancy and related conditions. It will ensure that employers have guidelines to follow and that a pregnant woman is treated fairly no matter where she happens to work.

Safe Communities Act (H3269)

  • In response to events at the national level, this bill would prohibit state collaboration with the federal government for the purposes of creating a Muslim registry, and ensure that state resources are not used to enforce federal immigration law.

Supervised Medical Parole (H3494)

  • This bill would create a process by which terminally ill and permanently incapacitated prisoners may be considered for supervised medical parole to receive proper care, rather than going to prison.

Limiting Prison Labor (H3034) - passed by House May 2017

  • In response to certain proposals to use Massachusetts inmates to help build a wall on the nation’s southern border, this bill would require that any inmate work-program in the Commonwealth be performed within the boundaries of the Commonwealth.

Advancing Contraceptive Coverage and Economic Security in our State (ACCESS) (H536) - signed into law November 2016

  • Would continue to guarantee copay-free contraceptive access for women in Massachusetts regardless of any changes in federal policy

Healthy Youth Act (H2053)

  • This bill would ensure that school districts that choose to offer sexuality education provide young people age-appropriate, medically accurate information and include information about both abstinence and contraception. This bill would leave the choice up to the parents, about whether their children participate in school-based sexuality education.

Fundamental Freedoms Act (H873)

  • Would bar state participation in any discriminatory “registration” system based on religion, national origin or other protected identity

Prohibiting Abusive Practices to Change Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Minors (H1190)

  • This legislation prohibits state licensed mental health professionals from subjecting minors to conversion therapy practices to change sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


Additionally, Representative Sánchez co-sponsored legislation relative to automatic voter registration, animals, sustainable energy, gas leaks, affordable housing, and LGBT protections For a full list of sponsored and co-sponsored legislation, visit Representative Sánchez’s profile on the MA Legislature’s website.

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