House Passes Historic Pay Equity Bill

House Passes Historic Pay Equity Bill

House Passes Historic Pay Equity Bill

Sánchez votes in favor of legislation ensuring equal pay for equal work

BOSTON – Representative Jeffrey Sánchez voted in favor of an historic pay equity bill that would ban wage discrimination on the basis of gender. The bill, which received unanimous support in the House of Representatives and immense support in the business community, is among the strongest in the nation.

“Single mothers only make 58 cents for every dollar fathers made in MA. For a woman who is trying to feed and support a family on one income, it is a major struggle to survive,” Sánchez noted. “This law ensures that the hardest working women in the Commonwealth are paid what they deserve.”

If an employer is found in violation of wage equity laws, this bill would require the employer to pay unpaid wages in addition to damages. The bill ensures protection by allowing the Attorney General to bring action to collect unpaid wages if employers refuse.

Additionally, the bill has provisions that protect all employees. It makes it illegal for employers to ask a prospective employee for his or her salary, and prevents employers from banning employees from discussing salaries with each other.

“This is historic legislation. I have been influenced by so many important women in my life, so I am very excited to vote in favor of this bill.”

The House bill, which differs from what passed in the Senate, now goes to conference committee to work out the differences.


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